Voting resources

Vote by Mail
The simplest way to vote is to request a mail ballot.  It will come to you by mail.  You get several days to review it, fill it out, and either send it back by mail or drop it off at the Board of Elections.  As long as you are a registered voter you can do everything by phone:

In Sumter county - 352-569-1510
In Lake county - 352-343-9734

Except in Marion county - you need to go on line (HERE) and follow their instructions.  If you have any questions you can call 352-620-3290

The Voting calendar
Review the various dates HERE

Register to Vote
If you are not registered to vote in Florida or if you have changed any your identification details, you can just CLICK HERE to complete the process.

It is often mentioned that you need to make sure that your signature today is the same as when you registered several years ago.  There are two ways to check.

1) Just update your registration - you will have to sign the form and, when submitted, your signature will be updated.

2) Stop in to your counties Board of Elections and ask to see your signature on file.

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