This page is for articles and discussion of general political issues.  As Democrats, we are facing a political issue way beyond anything we have encountered before.  We (United States voters) picked someone to be our President that is in many ways fatally flawed.  He has demonstrated that he knows nothing about policy, gets most of his ideas regarding governing and who to hire to fill his cabinet from things he hears on Fox News, he has taken extreme positions on a number of issues - ban the Muslims, build the wall, embracing groups that espouse racism, politically it is an environment that is very unfamiliar to everyone.  Some of his campaign promises:

Drain the Swamp - there has never been an administration that actually pulled people out of the swamp and put them in positions of responsibility.  The EPA administrator who doesn't believe in climate change.  The Education Secretary who isn't in favor of public schools.  Economic advisors that undo consumer protection regulations.  A Housing Secretary whose only apparent qualifications is that he lived in a house when he was young.  It didn't work but he proposed his doctor to head the VA without any experience with managing a large corporation.  His promise to choose only the "best" people has resulted in more firings and resignations of more people in less than one year than most Presidents hire in their whole 4 year term.

Build the Wall - somehow he got this idea that a wall would solve most of our border problems - reduce the flow of illegal aliens (despite the fact entry of illegals is at the lowest point in decades), cut off the flow of illegal drugs (paying no attention to the well known facts that drugs coming over the border are a small percentage of the total), and do it all under the umbrella of "protecting" the country (despite there being no evidence that any threat is coming over the border).

Ban the Muslims - he has made a number of legal attempts to carry out the ban under the guise of keeping us safe.  Trouble is he isn't focused on banning potential terrorists, he just wants to ban people of the Muslim religion.  Of course, harking back to our experience between Catholics and Protestants in England, our constitution does not allow making any decisions solely on being a member of a religion.

Support Law and Order - has there ever been an elected official (much less a President) with such a collection of suspicious activities (unusual visits to Russia, refusal to show his taxes, and associations with criminals or suspected criminals)?  His problems are so obvious that we called a Special Prosecutor to investgate in his first year in office.

Still Separate, Still Unequal: The Role of Black Women and Girls in the Legacy of Brown v. Board of Education  AAUW May 17, 2018

As an organization committed to improving women’s and girls’ access to education, AAUW has often been at the forefront of the push for equity in education by working to improve school environments and make them safer through Title IX enforcement; examining the status of women in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) fields; and supporting cases that ensure the rights of students are upheld within the classroom. Quality education for women and girls is a crucial step toward achieving equity.

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