Good guys with a gun??

by Lee LeFaivre
(The Villages)

As the instances of mass murder continue to pile up, we constantly hear (from Trump and others) that all would be well if only we had "good" guys armed with a gun to protect the people in the school, synagogue, government office, newspaper, business, etc. I think the total so far this year is something over 300 so there are lots of places to choose from.

Has anybody stopped to ask just how many "good" guys we would need? It's no good unless they are everywhere. Every school, every church, every government office, every business - I don't know how to estimate but it's got to be hundreds of thousands.

Can you see how the gun manufacturers would love this plan?

The night club in CA the other night did have an armed guard. How did that work out? He was the first one shot. As I understand it, he never has a chance to pull his gun.

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