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Saturday morning Democrats Club meeting

What can you do to help?

Vote and make sure your vote is counted.  The very best way to do that is to vote by mail.

Volunteer.  There are a number of volunteer committees focused on registering voters and encouraging registered voters to actually vote.  That includes getting people to the polls on election day.

Run for office.  Democrats need to be competitive at all levels.  That means there should never be a Republican running unopposed.

Join the club.  The Villages Democrats club is the largest Democrats club in Florida.  It's a great way to meet fellow Democrats, discuss issues, learn about the Democrats agenda, and get motivated.

The Sumter County Wall of Honor pays homage each quarter of the year to another special historically significant accomplishment of American Democracy.

Quarter 1 honored those who enshrined Civil and Voting Rights in our Constitution.

Quarter 2 commemorated our heroes who gave their all to protect that Constitution and the American Democratic way of life.

Quarter 3 is slated to recognize and celebrate the women of our nation who made differences that enhance the lives of all genders, and generations to come.

Quarter 4 is (at the time of this writing) in development.

Vote by Mail

One simple thing you can do to save your self time and make sure your vote is counted is to vote by mail.  Your ballot is delivered to your mailbox several weeks before the election which means you have time to look it over and make decisions about your vote. Once completed you can either drop it in the mail or take it by the elections office.  It is a form that you can fill on line then print to mail or deliver.

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Contacts you might want

We have created a list of individuals and organizations you might want to contact about Democrats business.

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Our Board of Directors

Meet and get to know the Board of Directors for The Villages Democrats club.  These people volunteer their time to guide the club and make it run smoothly.,

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Videos of our members presentations

Joe Flynn and Oren Miller at the Board of County Commissioners

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