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Sat Dec 9, 2018

Charles Wright was the featured speaker and the following is an outline of his remarks.

For Rights, Equity and Justice
Presented by Charles H. Wright

of The Villages, Florida 

A NEW DAY For Rights, Equity and Justice - Presented by Charles H. Wright

“The Villages Democratic Club: From Infancy to Incredibly Influential”
On October 13th, 2018 the Villages Democratic Club (VDC) did a reset.
On that day the VDC assumed its rightful posture as the preeminent Democratic Club in the State of Florida.

Let’s reflect...
“The impending Club meeting calamity”
Earlier in the week the state had endured a devastating and disruptive hurricane. One of the “disasters” from the perspective of many of us was the cancellation of the visit of candidate for governor Andrew Gillum.

Many of us were crestfallen and the non-club members demanding not only entry and special seating disappeared.

However, the VDC, our leadership, our event planning committee, the regular club meeting auxiliaries and our fantastic membership were undaunted. The payoff was that the Gillum campaign in witnessing our diligence, immediately went into an emergency mode and secured Gillum‘s running mate as a stand-in on a two day turn around.

“The Magnificent outcome” Event Day; 10:00 am Saturday, October 13th, 2018...

The VDC leadership and its various teams starts to rollout the myriad of elements needed to make the 12:30 pm door opening a seminal and singular occasion. From the beginning, it was understood that this event would be the bookend to the “EPIC GOLF CART PARADE” of October 1st, 2018.

The methodical, intense, quietly efficient execution of our well-conceived plans, was a “Master Class” in “How To.”

12:00 noon... WE RISE;
The teams are completing their preparations. The auxiliary teams are doing a walk thru on their table displays; the ushers and attendants are checking each of the 600 seats to verify that each has a set of print outs. The beverage, membership, and badge tables are set. Reserved seating, the photo set, the press area, the rope line and security are all set.

12:30 pm...WE ARRIVE;
Doors Open - the Savannah Ballroom has been transformed into a “Wow!” inducing performance venue.
The show begins with an overflow audience. The event was executed with meticulously precision. The visuals, the subtle enhancements, the music and the audience participation combined to create an optical tour de’ force.

Everything about that day... the event, speakers and our members established the VDC as a cut above.
Now we must RESET our MINDSET and accept the mantel of responsibility we earned that day as the undisputed leader of the Democratic Grassroots of Florida.

It is a NEW DAY and the VDC is obligated to transition from:
*Insurgency to Gravitas
*Grievance to Governance
*Activism to Advocacy
*Confrontation to Communication
*Agitation to Articulation

We must define and adopt a vision based affirmative plans, actions and inflection points. With steadfastness we must not succumb to bright and shiny objects. Those objects and other people’s agendas for us are illusions without substance, designed to distract and dismay.

Therefore, in our Reset we must lead our fellow Democrats, Independents and disaffected Republicans into an era of achievement, Rights and Justice based on self-determination by design.

“Keep Our Eyes on the Prize”

Charles references the presentation in the Villages by Chis King.  The video of that meeting is below.

Before Charles' presentation, Bob Janson opened the meeting with a call to action!  Video below.

After his presentation, Charles was presented a lifetime membership in the Villages Democrats Club.  Video below.

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