About Us

Andrew Gillum selfie at his presentation to the club

Our Villages Democratic Club is a fast-growing club of approximately 2000 members, mostly registered Democrats, but also left-leaning Independents with similar values!   We are a social club with a strong base of activist Democrats.

We have our regular Monthly Meetings on the second Saturday of the month at 9:30 AM in the Colony Cottage ballroom.  (Usually about 200 attendees… or more for special speakers - so get there early! Doors open at 9:15.)  We have widely acclaimed speakers and a program dedicated to current issues.

Our Monthly Breakfasts are also a good way to get to know Democrats!  We meet at Hacienda Country Club on the fourth Tuesday at 9 AM.  No agenda… but a few announcements, great food, and conversation.  $10.00 includes breakfast, beverage, tip, and talk!

Another social activity is our Meet, Greet, and Eat monthly dining group.  Join small groups (generally 6 people) for dinner once a month.  For more information and an opportunity to join, Click Here.